The Story of our First Product- Aristos Home Smart Dropbox

The Story of our First Product- Aristos Home Smart Dropbox

About our Team
Aristos Home is a new intelligentized brand founded in 2022 by a group of technology experts. Aristos stands for “the best” in ancient Greek and “noble” in English. Our goal is to use high tech to improve the security level of our homes through different innovated smart devices.
Our products include the smart Dropboxes that were designed to help protecting home deliveries from thefts for our customers around the world. The durability and the up-to-date sterilizing function beats all other similar Dropboxes.
We referred to the parcel boxes on Amazon, they are either too difficult to use or super useless, therefore we tried to design it in a more reasonable way with a sense of design. These are our sketches.

We drew CAD to make sure the appearance is nice. We discussed the structure, outlook and material carefully to reach our best outcome. Is it possible to produce?

The choice of colors and forms of our Dropbox were designed to be bright and lovely.
However, we chose to make a gray one after considering it all sides.

The first edition we used plastic material, but we found that was not strong enough to bear long-distance shipping, and it was not secure and stable enough to be put outdoor.
Although we solved the material issue, the second edition was unable to contain the big parcels because the plastic would be too thick for such a size.
Finally, we decided to use SPCC and ABS materials, which are often used on vehicles. These materials make the Dropbox more statable and durable, as well as the securability and size.
It cost us a lot of attention on the smart lock. We designed multiple ways to open and close it and we kept 4 methods in the end. We tested the lock opening by app, code, and key again and again.
During the process, we let our product manager try to install the Dropbox all alone. We want to make sure a woman can install a Dropbox by herself.

Furthermore, we hope our Dropbox is easy to install and access by anyone.
Our Dropbox is just at the beginning of a series of our innovative products that can enhance people’s home experience. Our bigger vision is to help our customers feel safe, protected, and happy in their homes through our personalized technology.
Secure up your life. Make your home an “Aristos Home.”