FAQs for Aristos Home
Anti-Theft Delivery Dropbox
Q1: How to assemble the Aristos Home Anti-Theft Delivery Dropbox?
Instructions for Assembly (included in product box)introduces the dropbox assembly process in detail, or you can watch the video tutorial above for assembly.
Q2: Does the dropbox need to be fixed?
We provide expansion screws so that you can fix the dropbox on the wall or on the ground. The fixing method is described in the fixing part of the Instruction for Assembly. For better use of dropbox, we strongly recommend you fix it.
Q3: How to put packages in?
Open the upper flip cover, put in packages, and close it to complete the delivery. You can also use a sticker on the delivery port to remind the courier to put it in from here.
Q4: How to open the dropbox door?
Aristos Home Anti-Theft Delivery Dropbox supports keys to open the dropbox door, and take out packages.