FAQs for Aristos Home Self-powered Doorbell Kit
Q1: How to install Aristos Home doorbell push button?
Indoor: put the push button into the mounting clips, use the adhesive to fix the mounting clips on the wall, the push button can be removed.
outdoor: put the push button into the mounting clips, use the screws to lock the mounting clips with the button to prevent removal.
Use the lanyard, easy for elderly and pregnant women to carry with them in case of emergency situation.
Q2: What is the maximum number doorbell push button that can be paired with doorbell receiver?
Each doorbell button can pair with countless receivers, and each receiver can pair with 10 doorbell buttons.
Q3: How to pair the doorbell button with the doorbell receiver?
Doorbell's effective Wi-Fi communication distance is 50m, which may be affected by obstacles such as walls, etc.
Doorbell Mode: Long press the music button (receiver) for 3s, until the light begins to flash, marking the receiver has entered the waiting for pairing, release the button, and then short press music button to choose music for your doorbell. Press the push button which you want to pair with. At this time the receiver will sound the music, the doorbell paired.
Emergency Button Mode: Long press the volume button (receiver) for 3s, until the light begins to flash, marking the receiver has entered the waiting for pairing, and then release the button. Press the push button which you want to pair with. At this time, the receiver continues to sound the alarm sound, the emergency button paired, and then press the push button again to stop.
Multiple doorbell buttons and receivers pairing reference to the above pairing method.
Q4:What is the difference between doorbell mode and emergency button mode?
Doorbell mode: Rings once and stops when it is finished.
It is suitable to be placed at the door of your home as a doorbell. You can place doorbell receivers in different rooms to ensure that the doorbell tone can be heard in different areas of the big house.
Emergency button mode: Ring continuous, and press again to stop ring.
It suitable for placing children, pregnant women, and the elderly room for family members to check the emergency situation . The waterproof characteristics of the button also support the placement in the bathroom and other places . We give a lanyard to support family members carrying . Please note that the communication distance between the button and the receiver is only 50m, not suitable for long-distance outdoor emergency situations.
Q5:Can it change music in emergency button mode?
The emergency button mode only supports specific emergency sounds, and does not support changing music.
Q6:Can it change music in the doorbell mode?
The doorbell mode supports changing music during the pairing process . Long press the music key for 3 seconds to enter the doorbell pairing mode, then press the music key to change and select the music, press the push button to successfully pair with the receiver with selected music. If you need to change music after pairing, press and hold the volume key for 10 seconds to clear the pairing relationship, and then re-pair and choose the doorbell music again.
Q7:How to adjust the volume of the doorbell?
You can adjust the volume of the doorbell by pressing the volume button on the receiver. It has 4 volume levels, including high, medium, low, and mute, corresponding to 75dB, 68dB, 60dB, 0dB respectively.
Q8: Why does the doorbell button not ring when pressed? How to solve the problem?
The reasons for not ringing: mute state, exceeding effective communication distance, pairing fails.
1. Press the receiver volume key, ensure that the receiver is not in the mute state.
2. Ensure that the communication distance between the doorbell button and the receiver is within 50m (affected by wall factors).
3. Make sure the receiver and the doorbell button have been paired. If the pairing fails, you can clear the pairing relationship and then re-pairing.
Q9: Why is it hard to press? How to solve it?
The self-generating module in the doorbell button is hard, which makes the doorbell button feel hard when pressed. The feel of the hand will be slightly improved after regular use.
Q10: Does the doorbell push button need batteries?
No, the doorbell button embedded in a self-generating electricity module . When pressed, the kinetic energy is converted into electrical signals and transmitted to the receiver, so it doesn't need batteries or connecting wires.
Q11:How long is the life of the doorbell push button?
It supports pressing more than 200,000 times.
Q12:What is the power supply voltage of the receiver?
The voltage is 110~220V, 50/60Hz.
Q13:How to clear the pairing relationship between doorbell push button and receiver?
Press and hold the volume button on the receiver for 10 seconds until the indicator light flashes, to clear all pairing relationships.