Q1: Does the dropbox need to be fixed?
We provide expansion screws so that you can belt the dropbox on the wall or on the ground. The fixing method is described in the User Guide. For better use of dropbox, we recommend you fix it.
Q2: How to put packages in?
Open thedelivery port, put packages inside, and close it, the package will fall naturally.
!! When packages are put in the dropbox, the top cover may be pressed down quickly, especially heavy packages, so please be careful to prevent pinching hands.
Q3: What unlocking ways are supported?
Aristos Home Anti-Theft Smart Delivery Dropbox supports fixed password, temporary passwords, emergency key, and mobile APP remote unlocking in four ways, open the dropbox door to take out packages.

Q4: How many digit passwords are supported to unlock? Does it support virtual passwords?
Aristos Home Anti-Theft Smart Delivery Dropbox supports setting a 6-digit fixed password, and supports a 16-digit virtual password (virtual password includes a 6-digit fixed password, and the combination of fixed password and virtual password is within 16 digits) (* The virtual password refers to adding any garbled number before or after the correct unlock password to prevent others from peeping when entering the password)
Q5: How to use a temporary password?
The temporary password is a one-time valid password, which is created remotely by the mobile phone. The temporary password can only be unlocked within 6 hours after creation, and it will become invalid after unlocking once.

Q6: What should I do if the password verification fails?
If the password verification fails, please confirm whether you have entered the correct password in time; if the temporary password verification error is caused by the expiration of the password, you can use the mobile APP to create a new temporary password to unlock.

Q7: What should I do if the password verification fails multiple times?
If the verification fails more than 5 times and the password keyboard is locked for 90 seconds, you can wait for 90 seconds, and then re-enter the password, or you can unlock it with the emergency key; if you forget the fixed password, you can reset the dropbox, and set a new password after rebinding.

Q8: If there is no power, how to unlock and open the dropbox door?
If Aristos Home Anti-Theft Smart Delivery Dropbox cannot be opened due to a lack of electricity, it can be opened with the emergency key.
Q9:How long is the battery life?
In the laboratory environment, under the conditions of temperature 80°F, humidity of 50%, RSSI of -30dB, based on the opening and closing of the door 5 times per day, 4 fully charged batteries are expected to be used for 140 days, and the battery life will be affected by factors such as battery voltage, ambient temperature, and network environment.
Q10: How to replace the battery?
Open the dropbox door, and then open the cover plate of the key box for replacement.
Q11: What should I do if the WiFi connection fails?
First, check whether the power is sufficient; second, check whether the WiFi signal is smooth, the router and the dropbox are not blocked by the wall, and the connection fails due to poor WiFi signal; third, the dropbox only supports 2.4G band WiFi, please check the router settings; then, check whether the WiFi password has been changed, do not add the express cabinet to the router blacklist; finally, after connecting the dropbox in the Tuya Smart Life APP, go to "More Settings" - "WiFi Information" reset WiFi.

Q12: How to reset the dropbox?
After opening the dropbox door, then open the cover plate of the key box, and press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds to complete the reset. After the reset is completed, all information will be cleared.
Q13: Which smart devices are supported for linkage?
Tuya Smart Life APP can be connected to the Tuya Smart Life APP. It can be intelligently linked with other smart devices connected to Tuya, and the intelligent linkage scheme can be set according to your habits, to realize the functions such as opening the door and monitoring the startup.