Aristos Home Dropbox: Best Way Protect Your Amazon Packages
Aristos Home Dropbox: Best Way Protect Your Amazon Packages
Aristos Home Dropbox: Best Way Protect Your Amazon Packages
Aristos Home Dropbox: Best Way Protect Your Amazon Packages
Aristos Home Dropbox: Best Way Protect Your Amazon Packages
Aristos Home Dropbox: Best Way Protect Your Amazon Packages


Aristos Home Dropbox: Best Way Protect Your Amazon Packages

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Aristos Home Dropbox: Best Way Protect Your Amazon Packages

 Meet Aristos Home Anti-Theft Smart Delivery Dropbox

Have you ever experienced your expensive package being stolen by porch pirates, destroyed by rainy weather, or waited for a carrier picking up your package but you are rushing out for a date? Even if the packages are safely delivered, you are still afraid of the packages would bring viruses to your house.

Aristos Home Delivery Smart Dropbox is a smart solution that could protect all your packages. Anti-theft Dropbox is designed to keep the porch pirates away, protect your health from anonymous viruses, give your parcel shelter, and save your time and energy.

There are quite a few porch pirate statistics you should know, such as over 210 million packages were stolen between 2020-2021, and 64% of Americans were victims during this time, and $160 was the average value of package theft. The data shows that porch piracy is a growing problem with package security.

 Current solutions on the market can't solve all the problems. For example, hard to use has no security, disinfects packages, and without 1 step to return saves your time.


Smart Dropbox features an anti-theft design. The slot stops hands from entering the unit, so the packages can't be taken away from the upper door. The one-step open makes delivery easier and more friendly for carriers to save time. 

When Smart Dropbox is completely full of packages, the upper door can’t be opened anymore and make your package at risk.  Our smart dropbox will make sure each package is safe in the box.

Smart Dropbox is made of strong metal with  38.6lbs. The solid construction of Dropbox can bolt down to the ground or wall.  Don't worry about the dropbox being stolen by porch pirates.

Aristos Dropbox has a large internal capacity of 75L. The size of the entrance is about 40*30*20 cm big, it almost can contain two shoe boxes, which meets the size requirements of most deliveries.  Your important delivery can be put directly into the box.



SPCC+ABS Supreme Materials

 SPCC and ABS are used on vehicles. They are known for their shock resistance and some other supreme abilities.  The use of these materials has made the box rainproof and stable; more than that, the firmness of the case allows you to shelter heavy stuff.




There is an atomizer at the top of dropbox. Put the Hypochlorous acid water in the atmoizer, and it will disinfect all the packages in the dropbox. Atomizing sterilizer water sprayed in tiny particles for only 8um! The droplets are even smaller than dust and absolutely do no harm and wet to the package. The disinfection function operates automatically when one drops off the mail, it will disinfect the delivery without a dead spot.

 Rushing out but have to wait at home for the carrier to pick up your return?  Set the one-time password, and put your package in Smart Dropbox, Carrier can pick up your return via Smart Dropbox. Now you have more time to do anything you like.

Aristos Home Smart Delivery Dropbox is designed with flexibility in mind, offering a choice of access methods: one-time password, remote control, and keys. When you are used to unlocking with the smart lock, you will love it and never worry about forgetting your keys at all.


When there is a problem with the door or password, you can still synchronously view logs, generate offline transfer passwords and unlock remotely. Real-time recording of Smart Dropbox events via the App makes it easy for you to check Smart Dropbox.

The status of the box can be monitored in real-time through the App. In the App, family members can synchronously view logs, generate offline delivery passwords, and remotely unlock.

  • Share the Smart Dropbox

Share a convenient life with your family. Adding the members to the App, you can view logs, and notifications, create one-time passwords, and remotely control to open Smart Dropbox. Each device could share 50 accounts.

  • Intelligent linkage

Tuya smart provides an all-in-one App that can be connected to a Smart camera, doorbell, or smart lock to make your packages safer and protect your packages more intelligently.

When it is detected that the packages arrive at your porch, the smart camera will automatically help you record videos.

You only need under 30 minutes to complete the whole installation process.When you put Smart Dropbox on the porch and fix it on the ground or wall with M8 screws. After connecting to WIFI, your Aristos Home Smart Dropbox can be paired with the App and devices.